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July 2014 - Thank You and the Ironwood Team!!! -Mark


DC to 40GHz performance BGA sockets, CSP sockets and QFN sockets utilizes smallest industry footprint. Our BGA sockets and QFN sockets support pitches down to 0.3mm and pin count up to 5000. Simple, low cost and user friendly engineering test socket. more>>

 Press Releases

Oct 2014 - Xilinx Device Converter Allows Embedded FPGAs to be used in embedded designs without re-spinning mother board
Oct 2014 - 75 GHz Bandwidth Heat Sink Lid Socket for BGA715
Sep 2014 - 40 GHz Bandwidth ATE Socket for QFN68


 2014 Events

Oct 21-23 - ITC (International Test Conference)
Nov 6 - SMTA- LA/Orange County Expo & Tech Forum, CA
Nov 11-14 - Electronica


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